Is it just me, or do Google search results really suck these days?

If you try Googling something like, “what’s a good diet?”, you’re probably going to see in the results, with an article titled something like: “5 Diets That Are Supported by Science – Healthline”

This is incredibly annoying to me, and it seems very common. This seems to occur with quite a variety of search terms as well. The primary goal of these websites is to put as many advertisements in your face as possible, rather than provide useful information. Providing useful information is secondary. The information in these kinds of articles is simply SEO keyword fodder, whatever garbage they can muster to pump out thousands of pages of content.

I feel like this is what Google has become. Mostly garbage. Nearly every result is something like “5 ways to X.”

Where has all the useful information gone? What happened to novel, useful information just for the sake of it?

I feel like, many moons ago, people would blog about things, and you would have novel ideas being shared. Certainly feels as if those times have passed.

For a while Google was very useful, but now there’s the big business of gaming the search results, and getting your results to the top of the list, so you can shove as many advertisements in peoples’ faces as possible.

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