Spring: 404 errors on AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Tomcat)

Categories: Java

I had run into a strange issue while trying to deploy a simple “Hello World” application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. I had gone through all the guides available, set SERVER_PORT to 5000, made sure my main class was extending SpringBootServletInitializer and so on… My application ran fine locally, I could see “Hello World” in my […]

Are you getting 'undefined' errors in Vue, but devtools says the data is there? You may need conditional rendering.

Categories: Vue

You may run into a situation where, at some point in your app’s loading or initialization, some nested property on your data object is undefined. Perhaps you open up the devtools extension, and you see that the property is in fact, there. What gives? You may need conditional rendering. Remember, JavaScript is asynchronous. You may […]

Is it just me, or do Google search results really suck these days?

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If you try Googling something like, “what’s a good diet?”, you’re probably going to see healthline.com in the results, with an article titled something like: “5 Diets That Are Supported by Science – Healthline” This is incredibly annoying to me, and it seems very common. This seems to occur with quite a variety of search […]

Tips on probing log files after your Linux server crashes

Categories: Linux, Server Management

When your Linux server crashes, one place to look is in /var/log/kern.log for clues as to what went wrong. This file contains a lot of output that can be difficult to sift through. One way to navigate this log file, is by noting the first line of the log file. The first line in my […]

Vue: 404 connection refused errors in browser console

Categories: Vue

An issue I had recently was where I was seeing numerous errors in my browser console, that looked like this: If you’re seeing errors like these in your browser console, you’re probably running your Vue app using vue-cli-service which is a part of vue-cli. This is the development server basically, which serves your Vue app. What you […]

Weird ESLint errors in vue-cli projects

Categories: Vue

If you’re getting weird errors such as the one below: You may need to install eslint-plugin-vue. This tells ESLint about *.vue files, and how they are formatted. The error above is ESLint getting confused, because it doesn’t understand the structure of Vue’s single file components. Installing the eslint-plugin-vue module makes ESLint aware of *.vue files.